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Seassist S.r.l. hereinafter referred to as publisher.

In order to make your visit to our website as convenient as possible, we use cookies to present our product range. These are small aggregates of text recorded locally in the temporary memory of your browser, and therefore in your computer, for variable periods of time depending on the need and generally between a few hours and a few years, with the exception of profiling cookies whose maximum duration is 365 calendar days.

Through cookies it is possible to record in a semi-permanent way information about your preferences and other technical data that allow easier navigation and greater ease of use and effectiveness of the site. For example, cookies can be used to determine if a connection has already been made between your computer and our sites to highlight the news or keep the "login" information. To your guarantee, only the cookie stored on your computer is identified.


Types of cookies

This site uses four different types of cookies:

1. Essential technical cookies
These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the site. They allow the browsing of the pages, the sharing of our contents, the memorization of your access credentials to make faster the entry into the site and to keep active your preferences and credentials while browsing. Without these cookies we could not provide the services for which users access the site.

2. Statistical and performance cookies (Analytics)
These cookies allow us to know how visitors use the site, to be able to evaluate and improve its functioning and to favor the production of content that best meets the information needs of our users. For example, let you know which pages are the most and least popular. They take into account, among other things, the number of visitors, the time spent on the site by the average user and how they arrive. In this way, we can know what works well and what to improve, as well as ensuring that the pages load quickly and are displayed correctly.

3. Cookies for user profiling and advertising targeting (Third party)
These cookies allow you to offer announcements related to the user and their respective interests. They are also used to limit the number of views of the same ad and to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.
They are inserted by the publisher through technical platforms partners of our advertising circuit and contribute to our investment in Web sites, allowing us to adequately finance the maintenance of services and their technological evolution. They can also be used to show you relevant ads on other websites you visit.
The cookies actually set may change at any moment due to the technical strategies of advertisers and their technical representatives, so instead of listing them, we indicate the corresponding companies authorized to provide advertising on our sites.


Cookie management

In the event that you have any doubts or concerns regarding the use of cookies, you can always intervene to prevent them from being set and read, for example by changing the privacy settings in your browser in order to block certain types.

Since each browser - and often different versions of the same browser - also differ significantly from each other if you prefer to act independently through the preferences of your browser, you can find detailed information on the procedure required in the guide of your browser. For an overview of the mode of action for the most common browsers, you can visit the address

Advertising companies also allow you to opt out of receiving targeted ads, if desired. This does not prevent the setting of cookies, but interrupts the use and collection of some data by these companies.

For more information and cancellation options, visit

Here a list of third-party cookies and analytics used by our site: